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Almost Perfect   
12:23am 12/09/2006
  Lisa and I have never been happier.. We're in such a good place right now. I'm even happy in Tucson. Like.. Seattle happy. I still want to move, because I don't really see a future here, but I'm comfortable for the moment.

I bought Lisa the Sex and the City complete series DVD box set. All girls now consider me the best boyfriend ever.

My perfection bubble was burst last night, though. Lisa told me her dad still refers to me as her 'friend', and I could tell there was something else. I pried for a while, and she said, "I dont think they would have any problem with you at all if you were in college". So there it is. Just as I figured. I got pretty pissed and went to sleep, but I'd like to readress it and find out what exactly they say about it. "Because he's not in college, he ____". I need to know what the blank is, so I can prove them wrong. I need that motivation. I love doing what people say I can't do.

In other news, I have an art related idea. I was thinking about Company/Studio names.. Just something to stick on my work or on a business card or have in the opening credits of a cartoon short. Since my last name is Smith, I'm thinking about Toonsmith Studios, or Productions. The logo would be a muscular forearm holding a pencil over an anvil. The animated intro that goes before video projects would be a black screen, then a clank with sparks, then another, and then on the next clank it all appears and you see the arm crash down on the anvil and the pencil makes sparks. Toonsmith. What do you think? The Toon would be spelled out in some kind of cartoony letters, probably, and the Smith would be my signature, where I write s-m-i-h and I cross the line on the h to show the t. This came out of laziness, but I pretend it's style. Other people could sail under Toonsmith's flag, and we could look semi-legit.
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05:54pm 09/09/2006
  As I sit here writing checks and paying bills I realize that my dream of buying a new car is a very long way away. I've done the math over and over and calculated that I'd have my loan paid off by the end of October. How could that be? I'm practically going to starve myself this month so I can send my dad $1,000 in his birthday card on the 29th. And even after that payment, there's still another $3,000 or so. I need to give up on this october shit and set a more realistic goal, like the end of the year. And maybe I'll be able to get my car before I'd have to re-register my truck in July.

Oh, I got my truck fixed for $30, so that crisis is averted for the moment.. But then I came home and got my insurance bill. Insurance was the one thing my parents helped me out with from time to time, so I never really include it in my calculations. And then, out of nowhere, I'll get a bill when dad decides to change the address to mine. I'm not upset about having to pay it, especially with dad going through chemo all summer and being poor... It's just annoying that he never gives me any heads up with this kind of shit. Fortunately I have a job where a $250 bill doesn't exactly break the bank.

I think I can still manage to send him $1000. I am working 6 days next week, after all, and worked on Labor Day...

Bleh. Too many numbers. I wish I could just relax.
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Not fair   
11:56am 09/09/2006
  I hate people. So many people my age do absolutely NOTHING and they have everything. New cars, expenses paid, places to live, social lives.. I work my ass off, and I have so little. I deserve to have nice things... I really do. But I can't afford them. I think I deserve to have a vehicle that runs, so I can go to work every day.

My truck is dying, again. I hate putting money into it to keep it going when I dont want the fucking thing. I'd rather let it rot, and ride a bike to work. I dont know if I'll be able to get a Cobalt in time.

I volunteered to work 6 days next week because we're so shorthanded... So few 19 year olds know what a 60 hour week feels like. And it doesnt even feel worth it when I get the big check at the end, because the money is already spent in fucking loans.

And to top it off, I'm sick. Lisa is exposed to all kinds of people with all kinds of germs at school and she got sick, then gave it to me. THANKS! If going to class was my biggest obstacle I wouldnt care that much, but I work...

Last week I broke the speed record I set the week before. 116% is now nothing compared to the 119% effeciency I got when I was supposed to show off for my boss's boss's boss.
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12:50pm 04/09/2006
Awkwardness ahoy!   
11:16am 03/09/2006
  Last night I went to dinner with Lisa and her parents. And I survived.

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Last day of HEL (Hel is the Norse version of Hell)   
11:45am 01/09/2006
  Well the other day I set a speed record at Frito Lay... It's cool to go from 'the new guy' to 'the ultimate badass warrior'. They gave me a T-shirt... XL, so that goes to my dad, and a stress ball shaped like a potato that says Frito Lay. I kind of love it.

I was looking at stickers on eBay and I really really really want my new car so I can get decals that say things like "I brake for RAGNAROK" and "Warrior of Odin" or "Valhalla when I die".

There are also sweet t-shirts that say ODIN INSTEAD OF JESUS in Norwegian, but the seller is in Germany and doesn't send to the U.S.A.

Today's paycheck was larger than expected, so rent was no problem, and I have over a hundred left.. I guess I'll try saving it so I can send dad lke $1000 in his birthday card. Wellsfargo.com says I spent $2700 in August. I'm just excited that I had $2700 to spend.
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01:33pm 29/08/2006

He's more manly and viking-ish now.
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11:23am 29/08/2006
  My body is broken, and I still have work every day until Saturday. Fortunately, today will be an easy day.

If this is what Labor Day looks like at Frito Lay, I'm terrified of the Superbowl.

I really need to simmer down with the eBaying. I have $8 left in my account. That wasn't the plan. I did put like $700 on my loan, which is now GONE, but I also threw several hundred at cels and DVDs.

I don't know when I'll ever be able to afford my 2007 Cobalt, but my truck seems to have new problems every week. Now I've got this weird rubbing/noise/vibration when I turn. It still works fine, so I'm trying to ignore it. I hope it holds together until next year.
Almost Normal   
01:23pm 27/08/2006
  After work on friday I joined 5 of my co-workers for some bowling at 12 am. The pool hall was 21 and over so we ended up at a bowling alley, where we all sucked hardcore after working all day. It was the first time I've done anything with anyone other than Lisa in Tucson.. and it was nice. Hopefully I'll establish some kind of social life.

Have to leave for work now. I'm working 6 days in a row this week.
New cel update   
11:11am 25/08/2006

I didnt bother including my Birdman cels and Shredder cel, cause those are old, but here's what I've gotten in the last little while. (I can only afford so many frames at a time)

Street Sharks, King Arthur, Mad Cat, Gundam Wing, more Street Sharks. Bebop from Ninja Turles and David the Gnome are on the way.
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12:37am 24/08/2006
  So when you work at Frito Lay, all Holidays are HELL. Well, the week before the holiday, at least. And we get holidays other places dont. Think of how many chips people buy around the Super Bowl... Yeah, anyway.

Next week I'm working 6 days. Probably at least 10 hour days. Probably much more. On monday I worked from 2 until 2.

I bought myself Lego's new Viking Longship today, because I've been eyeing it for a long time, and I need something fun to do once in a while... Splurging on a shitload of DVDs and Valkyrie Profile for my PSP last week didn't do it, so I needed Legos.

With the hours I've been working, I can spend all this money and still pay everything off by October, and I can start to save for my 2007 Chevy Cobalt. I think I'll get it in march.. the guy said that's a good time. But I'm custom ordering it anyway, so I don't really see how the timing would matter. I'm also still up in the air about the Dell XPS laptop I want... About $3,000, but it would be pretty sweet. But how often would I use it? I think I've decided that I need to have a list written up of projects I would use it for before I make that investment.
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Impulse Spending..   
12:59am 19/08/2006
  So I've bought like 825 cels in the last few days..

My cel collection is now as follows:

4 Birdman cels from 1967
1 Gundam Wing cel of a Leo suit
2 Ninja Turtles cels, one of Shredder, one of Bebop
3 Street Sharks cels (shut up, I got pretty neat ones)
1 King Arthur and the Knights of Justice cel (really nice full body shot of Arthur)

And I'm currently winning..

1 Inspector Gadget cel, huge full closeup shot of Mad Cat!!!
1 David the Gnome cel, for $4 cause the seller doesn't know what it's from

And I'm sure I'll be getting many, many more. I want to conquer all of my favorite shows, or at least shows I'd like to remember. Is it weird that I'm more interested in strange characters? I want Inspector Gadget, but I'm WAY more excited about Mad Cat! And Bebop and Shredder are better than the Turtles. And I pass up the 285 cheap Smurfs cels because I want a really sweet shot of Gargamel.
08:30pm 15/08/2006
  Perhaps some of you remember this old helmet-head formerly known as Mongor the Brute..

Well, after the name Mongor was given to the comedy cartoon character I'm still milling over in the back of my head, I was left with a nameless hero of the serious, dramatic story I've been working on for a couple years. It was going to be stop motion, and then hand drawn, and I dont even know what else.. but I think I always realized that it was best suited for a comic.


You shall all recognize this man as EINAR! It's a Scandanavian name taken from Einherjar, which are the fallen warriors that occupy Valhalla. If you know about my story, then you realize this is the perfect name. It means unique warrior, magnificent, one who fights alone, and one man army.

Then tonight I read Image Comics' submission page... It's basically perfect for what I want to do. I would retain the rights to EVERYTHING, and I can actually write, draw, and color the entire thing myself and keep 100% of the creative team's share, while Image takes their chunk for publishing. I could still involve other people, I guess, but I never really planned to. If so, I'd have to make that choice before submitting, as the original team must be intact for the entire project.

So I make a cover letter, write a one page summary of the entire story, and include at least 5 finished, inked pages so they can see where I'm going with it. They say you can also include some colored work, cover mock ups, and characters designs/bios, too.

After reading.. I think I actually can make this happen. As long as I'm prepared when I pitch it, so when they say, "OK WE WANT THIS AND THIS AND THIS NOOOOW!!!!" I can make it happen. Then again, if they told me to do so in order for it to be published and delivered to comic shelves nationwide... I think I could find the motivation.
01:18am 15/08/2006
  What should I do and/or get for Lisa..?.. Monday is our 6 month anniversary. It has to be good... I have to work Monday afternoon/night, so it has to be before 1:45. I just dont know what to do.. I brought her diamonds before we were even together. Now we've been together for as long as I even lived in Seattle. And considering our relationship Vol. 1 lasted about 2 weeks... I think this is definitely worth celebration. Not to mention we haven't broken up once the entire time! Yay! I just.. love her so much, I wish I could make it special, but I dont think it really will be. Ugh, I just remembered she starts school on monday, too. Maybe it wasnt meant to be celebrated..  
No urgency   
10:59am 11/08/2006
  I feel like I'm under pressure to pay my bills, but it's only the 11th... Nothing was even due until the end of the month, but I paid my electricity, cell phone, and credit card with today's paycheck... Next thursday's check should be about $650-700.. Then there will be basically 2 more of about $500 before my rent check is even cashed. So I guess by the end of this month, even after paying my rent and utilities and everything, my credit card should be completely paid off, and the student loan in my name will probably be gone.. Hehe. Then, basically, all I have in September is the big student loan in my parents name, and I'll be able to put like.. $1500-2000 on it. So now I will confidently say everything is gone in October.  
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Maybe I'll buy a grill   
10:54am 09/08/2006
  Work has been really intense since Friday. We finally had a "full team", and we were kicking ass. So Jim let's the temps go. And one of our fastest guys got his wisdom teeth out and cant do anything. And 2 people went on vacation. Monday night I got off at like midnight, and last night I officially clocked out at about 12:45 am... Mind you, I came to work at 1:30 pm.

The point of the story is, I think I'll hit 40 hours like halfway through today. And I still have another day after that until the pay period cuts off. My overtime is about $20/hr. Figure it out.

And yesterday I did all of Zone 3, which I know means nothing to you, but normally its broken up and people switch out halfway through the day. I did it all, AND I did it at 88.7% efficiency, when the company only wants you to hit 85%. This doesn't sound that impressive, but I was struggling all week to even finally break the 85, and last night I killed it.

In other news, I was checking out PS3 stuff... and TEAM FORTRESS 2 IS COMING OUT ON PS3!!!!!!!!! After wasting like 2 years of my life playing TFC, I'm all over this shit. And with Sonic also being a launch title, and the fact that the $500 isnt that much to me with my current income, I'm definitely getting a PS3 when I was kind of on the fence before.

Oh, and I'm getting internet at my place, so I'll probably write more often or at least be on IM more often again..
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It actually didnt hurt   
09:45am 04/08/2006

Yeah, deal with that.
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Mental math with the calendar   
12:21pm 31/07/2006
  It looks like I should be in good shape by the end of October. That means dad paid off, my loan paid off, my credit card paid off, and the loan in my parents name at least mostly paid off. If not paid off, then within a few paychecks of being paid off. By the end of the year I guess I could fix my truck and get it painted. I think I'm getting a laptop, too. A big beefy one. I like new toys... sort of. I've touched my PSP like twice, but you can only do so much with that. I think that having a new means to create, I would be motivated to use it and play with it. Plus it would be kind of like a sketchbook... I could get a carrying case to put the laptop and my tablet in, and get down and dirty anytime I felt the urge. Right now I just dont feel like going to my place exclusively to work, the mood strikes me randomly. And since I'm more comfortable at Lisa's place (probably because she has a couch and cable), I think it would be good to have...

I dont know. It's just an idea for when I get to that 'ok, what do I do with this money now' phase. And hopefully by then I'll be working on stuff.

I've been trying to write my comic, but I got caught up on the begining. I just need to write the middle, that I've written in my head 50,000 times, and figure out the begining later. As far as comic book form, it's really only the first few panels I can't quite figure out. So I really should just leave it and continue with what I know, so I can drive up to Tempe and throw a book down on McFarlane's or whoever's desk and say PUBLISH THIS AND GIVE ME SOME MONEY... KTHNX.

It'll happen. I'm too damn creative and blah blah blah to not make money off of it someday.
Continuing my rant   
12:45pm 24/07/2006
  So I'm bothered enough by Michael being an uber-ass in California. But another thing has been bothering me for a while.. His weird christian deal. It came out of nowhere in the last couple of years, and I believe it to be due to his need to be told what to do. At 20 he still has to call his mom every 4 minutes to confirm he's still alive. He doesn't know how to think for himself... so religion makes sense.

Fun fact: He gets all awkward and uncomfortable when I talk about Dakota being gay, but Michael's brother happens to be gay. His family just doesnt know it. I know people that go to school with him, and a girl that likes him and says its too bad he's gay. Plus, on his myspace profile he didn't choose anything for sexual preference, wich is always a warning sign.


My big problem

He tried to convert my comic character! Do what you want to me, my family, my friends, whatever.. Do NOT try to push shit on my characters! Especially (codename) Odinson, who is PARTICIPATING in Norse mythology! He thought that when the missionaries come to Scandanavia to convert people to Christianity, I should have him start to convert, wich angers Odin into taking his lover. Seriously.. think about this... The guy was given new life by Odin himself, he constantly communicates with him and has kind of a brotherly relationship with Thor. But he's going to suddenly believe in the Christian God?!

I dont want to collaborate with Mike anymore. He's too ridiculous, and doesn't have the serious interest that I have in it, or that Bill has. Not to mention that his story is absolutely retarded as well. "A priest's church is burned to the ground, killing his congregation and family, so he goes on a vengeful killing spree" or some shit. A holy man does not start killing people, and especially out of revenge. And he's partnered with some 2 dimensional Clint Eastwood type that just shoots stuff. All this from a kid who is considering going to seminary to become a priest himself. What the fuck? If that happened, I would certainly have to cut myself off from him. He may already be too far gone. You can have your faith, that's cool, but don't get creepy on my ass.

He thinks we're going to Comic-Con together next year and that we're going to make it big with his shitty idea. He didn't know anyone at Comic-Con, nor did he try to meet people or talk to anybody, even why I was already talking to them. Who you know is definitely more important than anything else, or you're just a face in a massive crowd of aspiring artists and storytellers. He's not riding my coat-tails. Maybe I'll become famous independently and then I'll give him some phone numbers or something in a few years if he still cares. But I'm not pitching some really shallow, crappy story alongside him and potentially hurting my reputation.

It's rough, but it's life. And it's business. And god damn it, I dont do God.
10:42am 07/07/2006
  The friday schedule for comic-con is up... I'm not going friday... or am I?! Who will be there on friday that would make me want to go? Stan Lee! Neil Gaiman! Ray Harryhausen! Billy Dee Williams! Snoop Dogg! Samuel L Jackson! Bryan Singer! David Boreanaz!

Just to name a few. Shit. Maybe Disneyland will be a night time affair?

In other news... Lisa and I spent at least 3 hours on the phone yesterday talking about.. everything. We started bickering about drinking, again, and this time she caught me at the wrong time or something but I kind of snapped at her and raised my voice a tad. I called her back and apologized, and we calmly talked about it for a long time. Then we talked about other stuff, like what I had written about a couple of days ago. Everything is fine, and better than ever. Now I just want her to be home.

I go to work at 1 pm today to fill out paperwork before I clock in at 2 pm. Hopefully I get off at like 11 and they dont have the new guy participate in overtime madness. But it could happen, I suppose. I just hope I get a paycheck before comic-con.
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